Thursday, December 4, 2008

teachers need a raise

no-this post is not a political one.  i don't know how to "fix" the public school system (well, actually i think i do, but that's not a topic for today:) but i do know that there are many unsung heros that walk the halls each day.  the tall ones.  the teachers.  one of them is my bff heather.  she teaches 2nd grade at cape horn-skye elementary in washougal, washington. she's still keeping her blog on "private" so you all can't pop over there unless she INVITES you, but this post made my heart happy and i asked her if i could copy and paste it here for you.  here goes..

Glimpses of My Day

Or maybe I should say a look at every day...

 "Can I go to the bathroom? I need to go really bad it's an emergency!" (about 876 times)

 "She cutted!" (about 78 times)

 "When can I _______" (Fill in the blank--about 349 times).

 me: "Please come back and show me walking feet" (about 453 times)

 me: "I will be happy to take a quiet line in the hallway" (about 190 times)

 From a former student : "You know that door over by the fourth and fifth grades where music is now? Well, I was the line leader and we were walking and we discovered a locked door. Wouldn't it be funny if the GPS said BEEEEEP. LOCKED DOOR. MUST DO U-TURN AND MANDATORY RE-ROUTE." (Just once during the walk to the busses)

 A, umm, struggling student trying to read something to herself I was pretty sure was WAY to hard for her:

Me, attempting to confirm my suspicions: "Sooo, can you tell me about that story?" Her: "Frog was texting" (while putting thumbs up in a texting motion). Not. So. Much.

 me: "Nice job!" "Very good!" "Fabulous!" (those usually turn out to be my words of choice) (about 1346 times)

 "Ummmm, Teacher?????" (about 452 times)

 "Ummmm, Mrs. Robertson????" (about 1452 times)

 me: "Eyes on the page" (about 398 times)

 P.S. I have a really large Costco sized bag of M&M's in my filing cabinet drawer and I don't share. Have also discovered how oddly therapeutic it is to sharpen pencils in the electric sharpener.

 Phonetic Spelling 101

 One of the many hats I wear as a teacher is an interpreter of second grade hieroglyphics. I learned and perfected most of my advanced skills when I taught Kindy and First grade. Now at second grade, the kids usually do quite a good job of spelling those words they don't know phonetically, making them easy to figure out. I collected just a few of my favorites over the past few weeks. Enjoy!



 Cristle=Chrystal, Kristal



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