Tuesday, December 2, 2008

comments from the peanut gallery

i wanted to take a minute to let you all know how incredibly much i appreciate your comments.  they make me laugh, they touch my heart, they remind me of who you are and why i love you.  i rarely respond to comments in the comment section because i don't think you check back there once you comment.  please know that this does NOT mean i have not read every single one and love them all.  it astounds me that this many people take time to read what i throw out there and it blesses me every time.  
so-if you have ever read this blog, ever taken the time to comment, i thank you.


Anonymous said...

thank you for giving us a glimpse of whats going on with the varela's! your blog makes it feel like your not quite so far away!!
luv you guys a ton!!

Becky said...

Yes thank you so much for sharing almost every day- I absolutely love checking up on what is happening- It seems like I have missed so much of what is going with you and your boys and I love having the chance to keep tabs on you now. If only I could get it together enough to do the same. Thanks once again for sharing a glimpse of you and your family- I love it :) I really miss you and your family. Love & Hugs- Becky

lani said...

thank you for posting! it's so wonderful to see pics of your family and read about your life. :)