Tuesday, November 4, 2008

to flip a cabinet

while the rest of the country is debating over who will be our next president and who his new cabinet will be, i've been into a little cabinet work myself.
meet....my ugly entertainment cabinet.
i have despised her light, blondish color and ridged doors.  her splotches and stains.  she is just not pretty.  she was given to me at the great price of free and so she has remained.  but oh how i longed for her to be on extreme makeover, cabinet edition.
with lots of inspiration, encouragement, and coaching from my friend jeana (you HAVE to check out her furniture flips) i gathered the supplies she said i needed, i got out the drill, sandpaper, and hardware.  noah came running with the bob the builder hat and goggles.  he's so safety conscious.  and i was off!
i first spent hours trying to drill holes for the hardware.  jeana said to do that before painting.  i tried.  i drilled, i pounded, i screwed....those holes were just not being made.  after hours and several emails to jeana i finally tried this switch on the drill and "wa-lah" it started drilling forwards, not backward as it had been the past two hours.  it then took 3.5 seconds to drill both holes.  
then came the painting.  after shaking the can (as per the directions) i proceeded with a confident push on the trigger only to be welcomed with a spray of black krylon paint right in the face.  it evenly peppered over my lip and chin and looked just like a goatee for several days.
this is cabinet after one coat.  already a vast improvement.  i tried to follow jeana's instructions and use a steady flow, and always keeping the can moving.  since she recommended the krylon for plastic paint i didn't even have to prime it!
this is her as she stands now.  imperfect, but oh so much more beautiful than before.  and you better believe i feel a connection to this piece of furniture now.  she is much more a part of my life than obama or mccain will ever be:)


Erin said...

Oooh, friend. Great job. You are just getting after it at the Varela House! I know your family feels blessed to have such care and creativity put into their home.

Micah and Christa Forsythe said...

WOW.. it looks great! You didn't have to sand it? I really want to paint mine... but I really don't want to sand... I agree... much better than Obama or McCain... much better... ;o)

ibcreative said...

you are amazing and sooooooo creative!!! you need a new email . . . something that has "creative" in it . . .!!!

Anonymous said...

k.j.the 1st:)
you amaze me each and every day!(thats a good thing!!)
golf grandma would be sooo proud!!!
luv ya
aunt amy

Kacey said...

I was wondering about the sanding too-no prep for the wood? I LOVE that. Good job Kristal!!

Jeana said...

It looks fantastic! I KNEW you could do it. Oh my goodness, the drill going BACKWARDS??? I'm glad you figured it out. That's like calling for computer help and the tech asking, "Is your computer plugged in?" Too funny. You really did a good job--it looks like a whole new piece of furniture!