Wednesday, November 26, 2008

thankful update

many people ask us how we are doing after several months in our new state.  i thought thanksgiving could be no better time to answer that question as thanksgiving summarizes every aspect of the last season.

sonny-working as the assistant chaplain at casady school has been such a wonderful fit for sonny's gifts and he is really enjoying his position.  what we have gained as a family from this change in vocation is priceless.  time.  sonny has a set schedule and more days off than i can mention here.  whenever ari is home from school, so is sonny (right now they're eating monkey bread and watching dora together).  there is peace in his work, there is peace in our schedule, there is peace in our home.  this is a priceless gift and we are so very thankful.
kristal-in addition to enjoying the benefits of sonny's new job, i am delighting in our home.  this house was an incredible gift to begin with, but it has truly become the first "nest" i have ever had and i love it.  i cherish the ability to stay in my home, care for my family, and make our house a place of rest, a sanctuary.  
ari-this is ari's very first school experience and it is wonderful.  i was very nervous about this transition, but because of the montessori environment and the gifted teachers at casady it has been such a positive experience.  he is learning and growing academically and even more socially.  he is reading like crazy and looks forward everyday to the exploration he knows awaits him.  we live just a few blocks from the school and noah and i love dropping off and picking him up each day.
noah-some may have worried that noah would be distraught without his buddy, ari, all day, but quite the opposite has proven true.  noah is thriving with the one-on-one attention and is loving all the outings we get to do because of the friends God has blessed us with.  noah has not one, but three boys his age we see regularly and he is very excited about baby hannah coming out of miss bonnie's tummy in january.  (i hope hannah is ready for the "love" she will be receiving:)

i have left out so many things in the interest of not making this longer than it needs to be, but God's hand has chosen to orchestrate blessing after blessing, good thing after good thing in our life during this time.  i pray we will have thankful hearts in feast times such as these, but especially in the famine.  he is so good.


Liz_24 said...

I love that you took the time out to count your blessings--this is something I have to frequently remind myself to do. We are thankful for you guys! I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

well said my dear niece:) love hearing about the varela voyage!! we'll miss you at our table but know we are thinking of you and are very thankful for each of you!!
Blessings and Happy Thanksgiving!

jeannette said...

friend, i have witnessed your grateful heart in both feast and are an example to me! makes my heart happy to hear how God is blessing!