Friday, November 7, 2008

in case i was thinking too highly of myself....

i have been wearing my hair with a bunch pulled back from the front middle, scrunched forward a bit and pinned in place.(as pictured below)  way more than you even wanted to know about my hairstyling, but necessary to understanding this post if you haven't seen me in a few months.
thursday morning

ari (6): mom, you're hair is so pretty.
me:  thank you, sweetie!
ari:  is that like a rainbow growing out of the top of your head?  how does it stay like that?


jeannette said...

rainbows are the best :) so are 6 year olds!!

Erin said...

That Ari comes up with the best things to say. I love that kid! And I like rainbows, too!

Anonymous said...

I still like mine and Ari's conversation a long while back:

Me:"Ari, you guys been to the ocean?"
Ari:"Of course we have!"
Me:(chuckle) "Oh, ok well which one? The Pacific or the Atlantic?"
Ari:(deep in thought)"The Atlantic"
Me:"Are you sure it wasn't the Pacific ocean or maybe just a big lake? You guys used to live near Lake Michigan and it looks like the ocean."
Ari:"No it was an ocean because my mom was taller than the water!"
Me: "LOL!!!!!!!!!!!"

Sarah said...

I LOVE it!!! Kids have THE best perspective on things don't they? Really laughing hard out loud!!

Heather said...

So funny!