Monday, October 6, 2008

want to be a scribe?

zondervan is celebrating the 30th anniversary the NIV.  to commemorate the occasion they're sending an RV cross country stopping to let regular people write a verse and in doing so collect all 31,173 verses of the new international version of the Bible.  of course they've reserved a few for people like president bush and billy graham, but the rest go to regular americans.  you can track the RV across the country and even check and see if it's making a stop near you.  it will be in OKC on nov 19th and you better believe i will be there in line for my chance to contribute to a handwritten Bible.  


Anonymous said...

While I am in total agreement with spreading the written word of God to any and every-one, have you ever wondered why there are so many versions of the Bible? When God says all scripture is given by inspiration of God (2 Tim 3:16) I believe it... but since so many scriptures actually contradict each other in the different versions shouldn't we stick to the original? After all God did say he would preserve his word until the end of time. Who is man to say he can translate it better than God. Just something to think about, for all of us.

Erin said...

Hi, Anonymous-
I was curious about the "original" that you are referring to. Do you mean stick to the original manuscripts, as in Hebrew and Greek. Or are you referring to an original translation of some sort, such as the King James version.

I am just trying to clear it up in my thoughts. Thank you-

Anonymous said...

Well, I'd have to say King James for me because it's the original English translation and unfortunately I can only read English but if you can read Hebrew and all means I'd say thats perfect. I'm not trying to offend anyone or make anyone feel bad for what they read. I'm simply curious. When I did some research about how some of the major translations came about it was a little scary to say the least. I just want to be sure I am learning EXACTLY what God wants me to from His word and not mans version of what God wants me to hear. I just thought maybe someone out there reading this blog might be curious as well...or maybe have answers.

Erin said...

Hi Anonymous-
Thanks for the reply. I'm encouraged by your desire to read God's Word in the most accurate way possible. Thanks for being gracious with your answers, as well. I, too, don't wish to offend but I'm enjoying the discussion and think we would all do well to be "Berean" about things, discerning and examining all things.
While I would agree that the KJV is a good translation of the Bible I would not say, by any means, that it is the best. There are far more accurate translations, two being NAS and, more recently, the ESV. Both were taken from earlier (more accurate) manuscripts than the KJV.
What are your thoughts?

sonny said...

There were several English translations before the KJV. Older is not always better.