Friday, October 3, 2008


there truly is nothing like homemade strawberry jam.  i don't can and i don't do things that are incredibly domestic, so could i attain something like this without befriending a higher homemaker just in hopes she'd make me some?

i took the plunge.  wanna jam with me?  so easy.  so delicious.  why aren't you doing this?  buy a box of pectin.  usually near the sugar, splenda,etc in your baking aisle.
next.  get some fruit.  i chose strawberries but you can use peaches, pears, berries, apricots, even a dewberry (which i've never heard of).  notice my berries were frozen?!  they were even stemmed for me!  they were cheaper than fresh and looked much better.  i made sure there was NOTHING added to them.  i measured about 3 cups and put them in my food processor.  (you can use a potato masher just as effectively)
just want chunks.
see?  chunks.  mmmm....
measure the fruit (according to directions in box) and measure the corresponding sugar for the fruit you're using....2 C. strawberries and 4 C. sugar-see why it's good?  mix.
let it stand 10 minutes.  try not to lick.
stir 1 box of pectin and 3/4 C. water in small saucepan(the only time you'll use your stove).  boil for a minute stirring constantly.
stir pectin mixture into fruit mixture and WOW you're done!  you just leave the jam for 24 hours at room temperature and then put some in your fridge (it will last 3 weeks).  put the rest in the freezer for delayed yumminess.  you must try this.  lots of sugar, but no high fructose corn syrup, absorbic acid, or inflated prices:)


Jeana said...

Great pictures, the jam looks so pretty! This is cool. It would be interesting to experiment with different sweeteners, like Agave Nectar or Fructose. Thanks, Kristal!

kristal said...


i would LOVE to experiment with other sweeteners. there is a reduced or no sugar pectin that i wanted to try because the regular pectin says you have to use all that sugar to make the jam set. i didn't dare buy the other kind of pectin because i wasn't sure if you could do the easy recipe with it or if you'd have to cook it. the only way to find out is open the box for the directions. well, i guess i could go to their website, but i was in the grocery store and i don't have an iphone yet:) let me know if you experiment!

Heather said...

Just like my grandma makes! I have never taken the plunge...thanks for the inspiration! Wouldn't that be good on some scones?