Tuesday, October 14, 2008

ever sauced an apple?

first you buy some apples. if you're me...you buy A LOT of apples.
wash 'em up
if you have a sweet machine that separates the yuck from the good, then all you do is quarter the apples.
cook them in water 'til their good and soft.
stir and check on occasion...always smiling like vanna white.

then comes the separator -the cooked apples go in the funnel and while i wind the crank the yucks go into the bowl (pictured below)

the yummy comes down the slide
and there you have it! delicious applesauce ready for your baked goods, freezer, or directly to your tummy. you can use anything to sweeten it up if you like...sugar, agave necter, honey, anything that you fancy!
a power packed, pure, delicious, versatile food that will last in your freezer 'til apple season rolls around again!


Liz_24 said...

Sweet! Where do you get one of those cranker thingies?

Heather said...

You are just so domestic! Look out Martha Stewart!

C and G said...

yummy! i just saw a stand in town the other day selling apples $5 for 10 lbs!

your post reminded me that I need to to get a bunch so i can make me some sauce!