Monday, October 13, 2008

beautiful boy

i recently finished beautiful boy by david sheff. it is the story of a father with a son who becomes an addict. common story these days. the difference is, this father is a journalist. he has an incredible gift at painting a picture as well as communicating insights he gained along the way.
addiction has touched my life in a profound way. something i never anticipated seeing as i've never tried drugs and have only had an alcoholic beverage a handful of times after i turned 21. my husband and my son are children of addicts and so drug addiction impacts me every day. something that can single handedly defy the instinct that God created in mothers, the instinct strongest in nature is one powerful substance. to pull a mother from her baby is a force i do not want to reckon with.
drugs are not the only thing we humans get addicted to, unfortunately. the patterns and principles found in the story of beautiful boy apply to so many lives. lives of people surrounding an alcoholic, a sex addict, a food addict, a workaholic, someone with mental illness, and the list goes on.
in the book david says something that will always ring in my least the addict gets a respite from the pain and torment (the time when he's using). those of us who love him, never do. (paraphrase)
i learned much from this story and the beauty of the writing of david sheff is i didn't feel like i was learning at all. i was simply watching his life from the moment he brought his baby boy home until now from a window into their home.


Sarah said...

That's powerful! I think this is a book I will have to pick up and read as well. You never know...meth is such a common addiction around here that we could end up with a meth affected child as well. Thanks for sharing. God bless your family!

Heather said...

I'm next in line when it comes in at the library!