Wednesday, September 17, 2008

the teen years: a preview

preview #1
ari's school issues a tote bag with the school logo on it for all kindergarteners to use.  i wanted to try making this super cute bag tags (featured in future post) and i attached one with his name onto his tote.  i asked him if he liked it and he said...."no....actually i hate it."  wow.  strong words.  so i asked "how come?"  he answered "what is it for?"  i told him it was so that he could tell which bag was his among all the bags that looked the same.  to this he replied"i don't want it to look different; i want it to look like everyone elses!!"

preview #2
the next day ari's shoes from ebay arrived in the mail.  i realized his were too small so we looked on ebay for used, velcro, plain shoes in his size.  he chose a brown pair and we won the auction.  when they came ari said he liked them and put them on to go to school.  when i picked him up that afternoon he said "MOM...did you know my shoes are SKETCHERS!??!"  of course, i did notice the brand, but not because i cared, jut because there's a huge S on the side of the shoe.  i asked ari how he knew they were sketchers and he told me that another boy at school informed him of it and that they were cool.  
phew!  glad they weren't the wrong brand.  do you think i should tell the boy that they were "previously owned"?  is that cool?:)


Liz_24 said...

I'd say "recycled," that's much more hip! LOL! OMG, I just realized WE ARE the parents now! We're SO uncool!

lani said...

lol - yeah, i like the "recycled" idea! though maybe that's more hip in the nw?

and ... i'm thinking velcro probably won't pass the cool test much longer. :D

Jo. said...

I'm finding the good part of this peer pressure is when they want to use the "cool" deoderant body spray-- the key word there was "deoderant"! (Just another preview of what you have to look forward to.) :)