Friday, September 12, 2008

our library is going to the dogs

k...couldn't resist the corny title:)  i found out our library is a stop on the "children reading to dogs" tour and had to research more.  turns out someone brilliantly thought that specially trained dogs "listening" to a child read could be really great for a kid's reading confidence!  no correcting, no assigning of a reading group, no deep sighs when yet another word cannot be sounded out...just pure, unadulterated love, and tail-wagging.
i offered this activity to ari and at first he was quite perplexed.  he just couldn't understand how a dog could "listen to a story" when he doesn't speak human.  would ari need to translate into "dogspeak?  after quite a bit of reassurance and explanation, ari decided to give it a try.  he chose his favorite book as of late and we traveled to the library.  there we met two wonderful volunteers and "hercules" a therapy dog very happy to see us.  ari read the whole story and hercules was very attentive and supportive.  ari asked him if he liked the story, and the volunteer assured him it was well-received. 


darbishar said...

I meant to tell you about that, I thought it was the coolest thing! What book did he read to Hercules?

Erin said...

Way to go, Ari! What book did you read? I would love to hear it sometime. And I'll make sure Anna Kate sees this post. She had the same questions that you did about reading to dogs. We're proud of you!

Liz_24 said...

I always thought that the dog-reading thing sounded so cool. I'm glad you guys did it. Ari is too cute! I miss seeing him at our playdates!