Tuesday, September 9, 2008

my other baby is in school!?!

ok-he's not really in school, but yesterday he started his weekly 1.5 hour toddler class at ari's school.  us mom's stay with our kiddies and help guide them through their time in a montessori class.  noah seemed to love it and actually showed interest in the "rules" and "ways to do things"...at least a lot more than he does at our house:)
sonny and fr. blizzard (sawyer's dad) "dropped in" to check on the new students and noah was very happy to see daddy.  we even saw ari on the playground.  
the thing i love most about the casady primary division (toddler-kindergarten) is everything they do looks a lot more like "play" than "work" and they "sneak" learning in all over the place while the kids aren't looking.

waiting to go inside
showing off his "big boy backpack"
coloring with markers and sporting a smock...fun!


lani said...

looks so fun! (i'm digging the smock.)

sa3k said...

awesome noah! kris,enjoy every minute it goes bye way to fast!!!