Tuesday, September 16, 2008

i guess you want to make soap!

several of you have requested nicolette's "recipe" for making soap. soap making, i have learned, is very much an art, not so much a science. the first two batches nicolette made (and i watched her make) turned out really well. the pumpkin soap from friday night is too young to tell how it turned out yet (soap needs to cure 4-6 weeks before use). she has graciously given me her notes from those two batches, but wanted me to remind you all that there are lots of things to consider since you're working with lye and all so consult soapmaking books or website. you will need to get equipment that you can devote soley to soap making as it can no longer touch food (pot, spoon, blender/immersion blender, etc) and you will also need a scale. those are just a few of the things you need in addition to the actual ingredients. there is a TON of information from professionals on the web so check it out. please let me know if you try it!

Castile (the most gentle soap, great for very sensitive skin and young children)
54 oz olive

6.87 oz lye
17.82 oz water (distilled)

Honey and Lavender
(mmmm...the problem with making these soaps is you want to eat them:)
40 oz olive
10 oz coconut oil
16.5 oz water (distilled)

6.78 oz lye

2 tablespoons of honey at trace

contents of 1 tea bag at trace

2 or 3 (I can't remember) tablespoons of lavender essential oil at trace

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Christine said...

Someone popped over to my blog today from YOUR blog. Thanks for the linky love.

And on subject: soap making just scares me. Every time I think I'm willing to try, I start reading through instructions and I lose all faith in myself! :)