Sunday, September 28, 2008

ba-da-buh-bah-dah...i'm lovin' it!

have you ever had the fruit and walnut salad at mcdonald's? i think it is delish. a tad overpriced for me so i thought.......

this might work! and it was tasty:)

i just sliced some apples, took a handful of grapes, candied some walnuts and scooped some plain yogurt for my very own fruit and walnut salad. i haven't calculated the exact cost, but i'm quite sure it is less than the $3 price tag at the golden arches.

i used this great recipe from the crockpot lady to make easy, nummy, candied walnuts for my salad. they would be great on a green salad or by themselves as a power packed snack.


Liz_24 said...

We gotta go to Panera some day for lunch and get the Orchard Harvest salad. It is so yummy!

Erin said...

Mmmmmm! Trying that soon. I love the crockpot candied walnut recipe. Yum.
That Orchard Harvest salad is delicious! My favorite is the Fuji Apple Chicken Salad. Ah. It is to die for. I've got to figure out how to make that dressing.
Way to go finding a frugal, delicious way to copy a favorite! (AGAIN!) Keep them coming.