Tuesday, August 19, 2008

tour de house part four-living and dining rooms

see why i had to combine living and dining room posts?
dining room
the varela "wall of fame"
our family contract on the left and date of establishment on the right

(Ari asked why it says 2001..."I was born in 2002"...love egocentrism!)
stole the plates on the wall idea from my favorite decorating blog

my favorite little corner
see the sqaures on the wall? mine is a poor imitation of this, but still looks pretty good


Oma K said...

This is wonderful!! It loks so inviting. I think I'll have to wrangle an invitation to visit!!! Can't wait

Heather said...

That looks A-MAZ-ING! You did a great job! I am kinda jealous of your dining room table and that wicker looking drawer thing by it...and that lamp in your favorite corner! Can't wait to see in person!

Liz_24 said...

I love your taste! You'll have to give me some pointers whenever I redecorate (like THAT will ever happen!).

kristal said...

oma-come on over!
heather-thanks for all your counseling through my decorating life (remember the time we came home to my newlywed husband polishing silver in an apartment he completely decorated while i was out?) did you notice the lamp is black? it's the best i could do...it's the only non-brown thing:)
liz-i would love to give you pointers, but i have none! i DO want you to come over sometime, though and see our place in person!

Jeana said...

Good job! I'm so impressed by how you've been able to pull it all together in such a short time. I LOVE your dining room table and the same lamp Heather likes--besides, every room should have something black. It's like a decorating law.

I've been wanting to try that paper art in our guest room. Let me know if you have any tips/warnings. Yours looks great!

kristal said...

jeana...thanks so much for your encouragement! you are a decorating genius so it means a lot.
as far as the paper art-i do have some lessons learned. i weighed the cost of styrofoam at michael's and was discouraged at the high price, especially if you wanted a little bit of a thicker piece. i found these pre-cut 12x12 brown corkboard things in 4-packs. it was a bit more than buying styrofoam, but i was so excited to have pre-cut and also brown so i wouldn't have to paint the edges. what you choose all depends on what you have around the house or can get cheap or free. i splurged, but you could use anything you can find as a backdrop as long as you can cut them into 12x12 pieces and attach them to the wall. the material will of course determine your adhesive (i just used scotch tape) and getting the paper is the easiest part:) i hung them by just "eyeballing" it, but i'm sure it would look better if you measured and used a level. i'm just not that patient:) i'm super stoked that i have the corkboard now and can change out the paper for different rooms or color schemes or just to update! please let me see your finished product. your guest room looks great already! total sidenote...have you ever been on etsy? have you ever considered selling some of your amazing creations there? just a thought. i know you're doing the furniture biz and that is awesome. i just know we're always looking for a way to make a few extra dollars from home. thanks for reading and commenting, jeana!!

Jeana said...

Thanks for the tips--and the compliments (I am blushing!). I like the idea of using something pre-cut (styrofoam is SO messy to cut) and being able to change out the papers for the seasons or just a new look is GENIUS!

Thanks again!

P.S. I LOVE etsy! Someday I'll think of something to sell on there but for now I'm just a buyer.