Thursday, August 7, 2008

tour de house part 2-bathrooms

bathroom number one
bathroom number two

when asked about his favorite part of the new house ari responded "that it has TWO i don't need to wait when dad is in there!"

not much "decorating" you can do when you've got mint green and evergreen tile in one and rasberry pink and light pink in the other...but we're just so excited to have TWO we don't care:)


darbishar said...

I love the colors and I think you did a wonderful job decorating.

kristal said...

thank you, nicolette. thanks also for not just looking at our bathroom, but using it:)

Kristal Sawyer said...

looks so cute! i think you picked the perfect shower curtains for both rooms!

Liz_24 said...

It's hard to work with pink tile, but you did a great job! Both bathrooms are super cute! And, you made me laugh about your comment! I don't think your kids have any sort of bad influence! They are adorable! I'm thinking the Omniplex is just HUGE and it seems like whenever we go there with anyone, SOMEONE always gets lost! I hope we see you guys again soon!--if not, at the party for sure!

Nancy Krommendyk said...

mom-this is DO have an account! i logged in for you and it was there...and i'm making a comment for you.
wow...this is the most amazing and profound blog i've ever read. ok, it's the only blog i've ever read, and i'm your mom so i have to say that, but aside from those two things, varelavoyage rocks.
alright, mom...your turn! try commenting can do it!!

C and G said...

LOL - that is hilarious that you just commented for your mom :)

love the shower curtains! it all looks fantastic!
you know . . . if I were you, I'd say that the boys get the boy bathroom (green) and the girl(s) get the girl bathroom (pink) hehe :)

Jo. said...

Kristal, all I can say is be glad there is tile halfway up the wall around those toilets-- you have three boys in the house.

Jeana said...

I can't believe I missed this post before! The bathrooms look great! I agree with Kristal--you picked the perfect shower curtains for each one. And...I actually REALLY love the mint green tile--retro goodness!