Friday, August 29, 2008

smuckers' got nothin on me!

you know those super-cute, super-convenient smucker's uncrustables?  ready-to-eat, ready to throw in lunchboxes, even crusts cut off?  well, you pay for that convenience and who knows what products are being slathered onto that white bread.  
i decided to do my own a few years back and thought i'd share this process with you.  when i photographed this pbandj session i was still using pampered chef's circle cutter.  it worked great, but left so much waste.  i recently discovered a dino cutter that creates two adorable dinosaurs and leaves hardly any waste(yet gets rid of enough crust to please the little ones)


Jeana said...

I am SO going to do this and the chicken nuggets. Where did you find the dinosaur cutter? And, if you freeze them do they thaw out in time for lunch?

darbishar said...

I love the dino cutter! where did you get it?

kristal said...

i found the dino cutter at a local grocery store, but if you can't find them you can search the web. the first place that popped up was:,dinosaur_sandwich_shaper.htm

but of course i don't know if they're the cheapest. they also come in a double heart cutter as well. let me know if in your searching you find any other shapes:)

as far as freezing, i have frozen them, but never timed how long it takes to thaw. i think they should be ready by lunch time, but you'd have to experiment.

lani said...

what a cute idea!

Erin said...

If it helps, I found my dino cutter at Garden Ridge.
I love the way you went ahead and made a ton and put them in baggies. I'm totally copy-catting you.

Jo. said...

If I just stick them in the fridge, do you think they'll last all week or will they get yucky? This is probably the only one of your "cooking" ideas I'll ever try, Kristal, because... well, I just don't cook. But your decorating ideas have me psyched!