Saturday, August 2, 2008

new skills, new friends

i realized today that i have posted pics and comments about the blizzard family, but haven't really introduced ya'll to them (like how i'm using the vernacular?) they are one of the major blessings God put in okc for our support and encouragement. father blizzard is actually the former assistant chaplain (sonny's new job) and is now the vicar of casady school. he and his wife, nicolette are as opposite as you can get philosophically, but both love God and their precious son, sawyer (will be 2 in september). they are such a fun family to be with and have taken us in as their own. i would have zero....seriously zero live contacts in okc without them. God truly has cared for us through them.
they have a wonderful home and a beautiful pool which they invite us to often. (nicolette even picks me up when i don't have a car...which is a lot of the time). we were there today and ari swam for the first time without "muscles"(floaties). he was a fish and reminded me of how much fun swimming is when you're a kid. we had such a great afternoon with the blizzards.


Heather said...

I love that picture of Noah :-)

kristal said...

i love it too:) he's actually "smiling" and saying "CHEESE!"