Friday, August 15, 2008

look, mom!

we were at chuck e. cheese for a birthday party last night (happy birthday, finn!) and we went the whole two hours with noah not using one token. he thought it was great to run around, hop on rides that didn't move, and stuff himself with pizza, cake, and ice cream. at the end when i was about to pack up, he ran to our table with a pile of tickets bigger than himself, and said "look mom!" my first thought was-he stole them. how else would he score that load of tickets without a token? i asked him where he got them. he said "the man give them to me". then i thought maybe a kind soul had given him the tickets. i told him to show me. he took me all the way across the building to a casino type game that has an electronic arm that pushes coins. i saw no "man" in sight. thankfully a woman at the ski ball game had witnessed the event. she told me that noah ran up to the machine and hit it with both hands. i guess this was the "perfect" hit because the coins came down and tickets started shooting out! actually 81 tickets to be exact. she told me that noah would wait,, take a few, wait, take a few more, and then apparently got bored. he ran away and a kind gentleman collected all of the tickets and gave them to noah..."the man give them to me."

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sonny said...

That's my son! Getting over on the "man."