Monday, August 11, 2008

kids of the world at the spray park

we were graciously invited to a red letter campaign adoption event at an aquatic center yesterday. we met a lot of great people who have adopted and who are trying to care for the least of these. there were kids from china, guatemala, the ukraine, ethiopia, to name a few. no matter their homeland, they all loved the spray park! i forgot my camera, but nicolette was splendid enough to capture a few pics of noah. ari was turning amphibian over in the big kid pool so we saw very little of him.
noah and sawyer having a great time in the spray area

noah thought it would be such fun to jump into ari's arms in the "big kid pool" and ari agreed. noah jumped. ari tried. much screaming followed from both boys. here i am attempting to minimalize the lasting trauma.

noah recovered and went back to bouncing higher than ever in the sprays of water (thanks for cheering him on, sawyer!)

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