Saturday, August 9, 2008

i heart science museum

Noah painting his face.
This is before he moved on to painting his hair cuz his face was full.

Lunch in the food court with Nicolette and Sawyer


Nancy Krommendyk said...

Noah we love you so decorated

Heather said...

He paints with such concentration! :-)

sa3k rigterink said...

thats a photo contest winner if we ever saw one!!! were loving the pics and updates!!!
love to ya'll :)
aunt amy and fam.!!!!

kristal said...

AUNT AMY IS COMMENTING ON MY BLOG!!!!!! there is hope in the world yet:)
thanks so much for taking the time to set up an account and comment. it means so much and i'm so glad you can see the pics and updates. we miss you and love to "see" you here in blogosphere!!!