Thursday, July 10, 2008

what i'd like you to know...

rocks in my dryer is already on week two of her "what i'd like you to know" series. this week it is written by a wife of a marine deployed to iraq. they have two young children and as you can imagine it's a great read. if you don't have time to read it all here, i cut and pasted the part i thought was most useful...if you know a military family, a pastoral family, or many other families who may be walking through a challenging circumstance.
The most helpful thing of all has been when friends or family have simply called and informed me that they're going to help. I don't always know exactly what I need, and yet through many different people, God has provided what I'm not even sure of myself. People like the mother and daughter who have set aside one day a month to give me a day "off." Friends who call and say, "Hey, I'm at Starbucks. What would you like?" When we're sick--which has been, strangely, quite often this year--I've been surrounded by friends and family who come to my rescue, with medicine, diapers, food, or coming to stay with us when I've been too sick to get off the couch. I've even had blogging buddies send boxes to my husband's unit. I am unbelievably thankful for these people. God prompted them to do something... and they just did it.

isn't that the truth? it's hard to be that kind of don't want to impose, you don't know what they need, it may hurt their pride, etc. who cares!?? you know someone is hurting...DO SOMETHING! ok...that was more aimed at me than any of you so please don't feel yelled at:)
i'm really likin' this "what i'd like you to know" stuff. do any of you have something you would like people to know or know someone else who has something valuable to share? i'd love to hear your ideas!

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darbishar said...

so you got me hooked on the rocks in my dryer blog. I really like it and these "what i'd like you to know..." posts are great. Thanks for sharing :)