Monday, July 21, 2008

just words...

i left my usb cord in michigan so i haven't been able to load any photos onto my computer. no pictures=no motivation to blog for me. i figured i should at least give a quick update on our first week in okc and we'll just have to wait for my mom to send the cord to get some visuals. send the cord, mom!!

the varelas voyage in okc, ok

house far exceeding expectations
lots and lots of cardboard, bubble, wrap, and styrofoam
fast food
built new dining set, end table, computer desk, and bunk beds
trip to hardware store
heat, heat, and it doesn't really cool down at night
noah's first night in a big boy bed
more trips to hardware store
little nuts, bolts, and those cheapy "wrenches" that come with pre-fab furniture strewn about
our first annual everyone gets into the zoo free day
hearing people say "ya'll" and loving it
missing michigan and oregon not so much for the what, but the who
sonic, sonic, oh bless-ed sonic...when it's this hot, you need 44 ounces of refreshment
first time at church in 5 years where we weren't staff....weird

it's been a very eventful and a very good week. thank you for those who are thinking of and praying for us. more to come when you-know-who sends the cord:)


Jeana said...

Woohoo! Glad to hear you're surviving the heat and that the house is good. Thanks for the anniversary congratulations =)

Jo. said...

This is dumb, but I didn't know they said "ya'll" in Oklahoma.

I'm still so thrilled about your house. And yard!