Wednesday, July 16, 2008

dutch pride

background information: i come from a long line of hollanders who married hollanders and had blond little dutch babies. my husband, much to the shock and dismay of all those i grew up with, is not from that same line. my cousin, Jer, bestowed upon me a wonderful gift before my departure from grand rapids. it was two bumper stickers with the outline of a wooden shoe and inside were the famous words..."if yer not dutch, yer not much". he wanted to make sure all in oklahoma were enlightened and i promised to spread the news.
as i entered the van where my parents and sons were waiting my parents and i had a good laugh about the stickers. ari (5 1/2) read the sticker aloud as a beginning reader would. when he finished his face fell, he sighed, and said "i'm only half 'much'".


Kacey said...

Love the picture, and want to squeeze the cheeks of Ari, how sweet! My girls say stuff like that all the time, and we laugh, and then I forget. I wish I didn't, but I do. Thanks for sharing this!

Jo said...

Ari kills me. He should have his own show.