Monday, July 7, 2008

disturbing images...

this is one of my favorite decorations in my mom's house. it sits in her kitchen and noah has bene fascinated with it. he asked if he could have a pear, and oma said "no"...they are "pretend".


Kacey said...

Well, this should give you a glimpse into his little personality and what he'll be like in the future.

"Noah, if you stick that pea up your nose, it could get stuck." Ooops, trip to urgent care.

"Noah, if you look at someone else's paper while taking a test, you'll get in trouble." oops, trip to the principal's office.

"Noah, don't drive too fast, you'll get a ticket." Ooops, caught going 65 in a 25. Trip to traffic court.

Maybe I'm just projecting my own life onto Noah's...:)

lani said...

that is one of the funniest things i've seen in a LONG TIME! wow.

the child will never touch a pear again. talk about traumatic.

darbishar said...


Anonymous said...

This is awesome!

He's a boy after my own heart. (-:

I miss you all!


Leah said...

Kristal -
Hi! I found your blog through reading my friend Heidi's who is a friend on Lani's. Small world! How are you?