Sunday, June 15, 2008

what a difference a dad makes

i'm not one for cheesy hallmark holidays and some may argue father's day is one of those. selling lots of cards, ties, and aftershave and giving lots of fodder for "dads and grads" sales and such.

i don't care.

i think fatherhood is something that needs to be heralded and celebrated every day of every year. the impact a father has on the life of his child, for the good or the bad, is significant and lasting. any man who fathers a child and then decides to be a dad to that child is a hero in my book.

of course, the only personal experience i have with dads is my own and my childrens'. they are the exception to the rule in a day of "deadbeats, absentees, and baby's daddies". they are men who father their children on purpose and so today (and every day) i think they should be commended and enjoy the fruit of their labor. their children. the children who feel loved, secure, and cherished. the children who can go with confidence into their world. the children who can relate to a "heavenly Father" who loves them and wants to give them good gifts, who disciplines in love, and provides because they have experienced it all on earth.

revel in the blessing of your children. you deserve it.

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darbishar said...

very well said. And I love your new background :)