Monday, June 16, 2008

homemade fun

making pizza. such fun. so yummy. and frugal. could it be any better? oh, yeah. family bonding...this is a well-balanced meal!

we cheated and used boboli crust cuz i just don't want to stock the house with ingredients for crust from scratch when we're gonna move in two weeks. next time, though. we topped it with sauce, fresh grated mozzarella , olives for the boys 1/2 (of course) and for the adult 1/2 we slathered chicken baked in bbq sauce, topped with a little more bbq sauce and jalepenos. d.lish.


C & G said...


Love your new blog look :)

Kacey said...

mmmmm. So yummy. I never think to do this, maybe I can find a pizza pan at Goodwill. I suppose a cookie sheet would do though. mmmm.

darbishar said...

I love homemade pizza! Looks like you guys had a good time

Stephanie Vos said...

Hey!! It was great to run itno you the other! Fun Blog! :)