Sunday, June 1, 2008

did someone say "free"?!?

it's getting closer to the end of the school year and that means it's almost time for the free family film festival at regal cinemas! this is something we have enjoyed for years in california and oregon and will be very sad to lose when we move. there are many many states that have regal, edwards, or united artists theatres and that's all you need to get great family movies free twice a week from june 17-august 13. the movies are g or pg previously released movies and they show the same two on tuesday and wednesday mornings at 10a.m. (first come first served). you can go to one movie the first day and the other movie the next! you could even browse all the local theatres as they rotate the movies and plot out which ones you want to see. lots of fun and a much more relaxed, kid-friendly atmosphere than a typical night at the movies. you don't even have to bring kids if you just want a free flick:)


darbishar said...

I think AMC used to do the same thing, but they now have summer movie camp for a dollar. The proceeds go to charity, so that is nice. They go from June 25th through Aug. 6th every Wed. morning. Not as good as Regal, but still not bad :)

kristal said...

thanks, nicolette! i am so encouraged:) a dollar is a great price and once a week is much better than nothing! i found info on this great promotion not only in OKC, but many other cities by logging on to thanks for the tip!!