Monday, June 30, 2008

and we don't have to go ANYWHERE!?!?!

ari and noah are reveling in the presence of oma, opa, and cousins. when we arrived at my parents' home last night (well, actually 4 a.m.) ari kind of ran around the house with an excited/exhausted giggle and jumped in the recliner and said "oma....i'm here...and we don't have to go ANYWHERE!"
so pleased to be here and have no where else to be...

if you're curious...

here's where the titles of this last week's posts originated. enjoy!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

I leave and heave; a sigh and say goodbye


kristal, ari, and noah depart pdx at 4:40 p.m.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Adieu, adieu

to you, and you and you...

so many people we've grown to love. now all that is left of our life here is in this monster of a truck (it was actually
cheaper to pay extra for the big truck because it runs on deisel and gets better gas mileage. craziness. our car will be towed behind it. please pray for sonny as he drives this beast.

Friday, June 27, 2008

I hate to go and leave this pretty sight

last night was the worst goodbye. my best friend of 10 years. i i know many people who go their entire lives without a friendship like heather and i have.

how blessed i am.

Auf Wiedersehen, goodnight

last night we said goodbye to two wonderful friends....our swingset and the little piece of family that is in oregon.

the picture is of noah and wela (sonny's grandma). she doesn't live in oregon, but sonny's cousins dave and irene do. we all had a feast together last night and it was even more special because dave's mom (tia marylou) and wela are here visiting.

only with family could you be scrubbing the toliet, doing laundry, loading a swingset to be taken away, packing boxes, and still spending quality time with them:)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

so, long, farewell....

ok, i'm tired of saying goodbye. yesterday was lunch with some of my dear Bible study friends, the most precious teenager i know, and my joy and melinda. today was a reception for me and the boys at play boutique, time with debbie and tiffany, and tonight is family. whew! that's a lot of emotional drain! it's also a lot of food as you know we have to eat at every event:)

the events continue tomorrow and saturday. we have been blessed with such incredible relationships in our two years here. how do you give closure to all of that in a week?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

another goodbye...

today was the boys' and i last day at
the play boutique.  ari realized what was going on and was pretty melancholy all day.  it was a wonderful time of appreciating friends we've made and saying goodbye.

Monday, June 23, 2008

a week of goodbyes...

it started sunday morning at willamette where we went in front of the congregation at both services to say goodbye and pastor joel prayed for our new journey. after church we made one last trip to our traditional sunday lunch schmizza.

more goodbyes to come...

Friday, June 20, 2008

green and it!

click here for two free energy saving lightbulbs ($20 value!) they just ask for your name, number and address and the bulbs are on their way to you! thank you centsible sawyer for this great link!!

local, organic, produce

i found this on my friend celina's blog and i was so excited! i've already checked out the possibilities in oklahoma city for us to get our own "harvest boxes".

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

camping, varela style

i came home this evening to find our entire living room from floor to ceiling and wall-to-wall covered with our tent. we received this tent as an engagement gift and i have yet to see it set up. my boys were inside with sleeping bags and pillows, watching ice age, and with cricket and other outdoor sounds coming from the speakers on sonny's laptop. ari exclaimed as i came through the door..."mom, we're camping!!"

are we scarring them for life?

it appears that they're having fun. i just hope we can turn off the camping soundtrack when "so you think you can dance" starts.

Monday, June 16, 2008

homemade fun

making pizza. such fun. so yummy. and frugal. could it be any better? oh, yeah. family bonding...this is a well-balanced meal!

we cheated and used boboli crust cuz i just don't want to stock the house with ingredients for crust from scratch when we're gonna move in two weeks. next time, though. we topped it with sauce, fresh grated mozzarella , olives for the boys 1/2 (of course) and for the adult 1/2 we slathered chicken baked in bbq sauce, topped with a little more bbq sauce and jalepenos. d.lish.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

what a difference a dad makes

i'm not one for cheesy hallmark holidays and some may argue father's day is one of those. selling lots of cards, ties, and aftershave and giving lots of fodder for "dads and grads" sales and such.

i don't care.

i think fatherhood is something that needs to be heralded and celebrated every day of every year. the impact a father has on the life of his child, for the good or the bad, is significant and lasting. any man who fathers a child and then decides to be a dad to that child is a hero in my book.

of course, the only personal experience i have with dads is my own and my childrens'. they are the exception to the rule in a day of "deadbeats, absentees, and baby's daddies". they are men who father their children on purpose and so today (and every day) i think they should be commended and enjoy the fruit of their labor. their children. the children who feel loved, secure, and cherished. the children who can go with confidence into their world. the children who can relate to a "heavenly Father" who loves them and wants to give them good gifts, who disciplines in love, and provides because they have experienced it all on earth.

revel in the blessing of your children. you deserve it.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

several nights ago, my brother-in-law sean was serving as a police officer as he does every day in owatana, minnesota. he was in pursuit of a person trying to escape arrest and after hopping several fences and doing other crazy maneuvers he fell and broke his arm in two places. he hopped up, continued pursuit and apprehended the suspect. as if that wasn't enough, he went on another call before deciding he should perhaps go to the ER. he is now on 6-weeks of light duty and i'm sure, hating every minute of it. let's just say he's a heavy duty kinda guy.

thank you for defending us and the peace we enjoy, sean, and every committed police officer in the country. you get no where near the recognition you deserve.

Friday, June 13, 2008

ari's preschool teacher told me today that when he walked into the classroom he proceeded to stick out his chest and pull open his shirt...every single snap down the front of it. she said he was very compliant in buttoning it back up, but she was a bit confused. later, at circle time, he did it again. she found it comical and mentioned it to me later.

at lunch i asked ari about it and he smiled as he remembered the moment. i asked him without accusation why he might want to do that and he looked at me very seriously and said..."to get strong". i was not making the connection and finally sonny said....."kristal, you superman."


i guess i'm just not in touch with shirt ripping strength rituals.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

yummy treat and love for foster kids

check it out frosty' less kids be without a dad this father's day.

Monday, June 9, 2008


click here to print a 50% off any regular priced item now through the 14th at michael's...i even printed mine several times! i've got a new house to decorate:)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

book rental service

i was reading a frugal blog the other day (surprise, surprise) and found this quote from an online forum...
book rental service?

was just thinking. my sister does -alot- of reading, and spends like $1000 a year on just books alone. most of them she reads once then never looks at again. is there any kind of like…video rental store but for books? would make things alot cheaper, plus once one person had read one the next person can get enjoyment from it etc

uuuhhhh....i hope you're screaming...."YOUR LIBRARY!!!"'s true. i think people may forget about one of the greatest resources our tax dollars give us. the library doesn't just have books anymore. there are dvds, cds, audio books (you can even download some from the library's website) video games, and passes to local museums and other attractions. our library has it's own notary who will notarize your documents for FREE.

libraries also host many great activities for all ages all throughout the year. this is such a wonderful way to enrich your life for little or most of the time NO money.

this reminds me of one of my favorite movie scenes. it was in "the ultimate gift" and the main character, Jason, was visiting africa to view some of the work his grandfather had done there. one of the places he visited was the library built with his grandpa's money. some local people were proudly walking him inside of this prized building and Jason's face fell as he scanned the room full of shelves with just a handful of books in the entire place. he turned and asked his host..."where are all the books?" the man looked and said without hesitation..."with the people, of course."

wow. think about that the next time you go to your local library and look at the shelves.

Friday, June 6, 2008

must see t.v.

i have never embedded a video from youtube or anywhere else onto my blog or even sent one via email, but i finally discovered one worth doing just that. of course, it has not been made ready for embedding so you'll have to click here to view it, but i am confident it will be worth your effort.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

God's provision

after six weeks of searching for houses in OKC we just couldn't settle on something and decided it would be best to rent an apartment for a while. this meant being farther from sonny's new job, no washer/dryer, no yard, and of course, close neighbors. we were ok with this and looking forward to saving money.

until yesterday:) we were told about a house just blocks from the school with 3 beds/1.5 bath, brand new washer and dryer, a great yard, and no lease requirements. the rent for us would be....$300!!!!!!!!!!! yes...a month. not per week. per month. there is also no deposit required and it will wait for our arrival in july.

we now have the best of both commitment, cost, and upkeep of a house and mortgage, yet all the benefits of a house. we are SO BLESSED! we are still reeling from this incredible gift from God and wanted to share it with you.

Monday, June 2, 2008

it finally arrived!

we have been waiting and checking the mailbox with anticipation for 443 days for this little piece of paper saying noah is certifiably our son.

let's just say the state of california department of public health's office of vital records moves much more slowly then our hearts did:)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

did someone say "free"?!?

it's getting closer to the end of the school year and that means it's almost time for the free family film festival at regal cinemas! this is something we have enjoyed for years in california and oregon and will be very sad to lose when we move. there are many many states that have regal, edwards, or united artists theatres and that's all you need to get great family movies free twice a week from june 17-august 13. the movies are g or pg previously released movies and they show the same two on tuesday and wednesday mornings at 10a.m. (first come first served). you can go to one movie the first day and the other movie the next! you could even browse all the local theatres as they rotate the movies and plot out which ones you want to see. lots of fun and a much more relaxed, kid-friendly atmosphere than a typical night at the movies. you don't even have to bring kids if you just want a free flick:)