Tuesday, May 27, 2008

pdx and okc

i just purchased our airline tickets to oklahoma city and submitted our notice to end our rental agreement at this house. wow. we're moving. it still hasn't really sunk in, but here's a few things we will miss and a few things we're excited about in our relocation. when i say "things" i mean commercial establishments. of course this excludes natural beauty, relationships, etc. these are just the surface stuff, but still fun to think about...
losing by leaving the portland metro area
-costco (ouch)
-trader joe's (another big ouchie)
-old spaghetti factory
-saturday market

gaining in oklahoma city
+SONIC (need i say more?!)
+target super center
+home ownership at half the price or less

each city and region has it's own local businesses that you wish you could pack in your suitcase when you leave. which one would you take?


darbishar said...

I would take trader joe's in a heart beat! I miss that store so much, and their two buck chuck!

Anneliese said...

Hey Kristal,
For some time when I saw your name on my daughter's blog roll I wondered who you were. Another Kristal with the same sp? I checked you out but didn't recognize you. When Kristal was up recently she told me who you are and now when I read your comment on her blog I thought,"well, this should have told me!" Okay, I thought that I was the only one who liked listening to that CD. Good memories!
All the best on your move!

Heather said...

Bur.ger.ville. (Which, by the way, how could this NOT be listed on your blog?) No, wait...Spag. No, Roses (OK, that one is already gone) Gustavs...

kristal said...

how could i forget burgerville?!? i must have blocked it out because it will be so painful. seriously...what was i thinking? and gustav's fondue? beyond compare.
oh-i also forgot to mention gaining sales tax in the OKC. hmmmm...not a great gain, huh?

C & G said...

you're moving (i know i'm totally a late comer here)????? just when i find that you live down the road (ok, down i-5 10 miles or so) from me you have to up and move?