Monday, May 5, 2008

mental floss mondays

ready to remove some of that plaque in your grey matter? want to stay sharp but can't afford a copy of brain age? welcome to mental floss mondays. here we will excerise our ability to think and add random information to your brain that may have significance or may help you win your next game of cranium. either way-a valuable use of time.

our first edition will be of the "why do we do that" sort. sonny and i were watching a documentary ( about controlling the masses through psychoanalysis (back in the days of freud) and how that truly birthed marketing the way we know it today. this really spurred the transition from marketing the value of a product to marketing the value having this product would add to you, to others' perceptions of you.

one story they relayed was of the genesis of cake mixes in a box. they were faster, easier, and wonderful in every way, but were sitting on the shelves. no one would buy them. one of the first "focus groups" was held with women who did the cooking and baking in their homes and found out was not that women were dissatisfied with the product, but rather felt the product too convenient and actually inspired guilt in its use. marketers then removed the powdered egg from the mix, required users to add their own thus relieving the feeling of "not working hard enough" and cake mix boxes were found in every home.

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lani said...

you mean they could make it even easier???

apparently my guilt gland is underdeveloped.