Friday, May 30, 2008

i'm hooked!

i have been stalking and loving all the frugal blogs i've come across the last few weeks. the biggest "deals" these thrifty ladies get are from CVS and Walgreens. we don't have a CVS, but we do have Walgreens and when i saw a $10 off $30 purchase coupon for today only on the money-saving blogs i thought today was my day to start! and start i did:)

the reason these stores have such great deals is because of their rebate programs. you can learn lots more at thrifty florida mamma and money saving mom and all the blogs they link to. they give you all the inside tips and background you'll need to be addicted like me!

here's what i got today...

two 52-count packs of walgreens diapers at 10.99 for the 1st pack and 5.49 for the 2nd
8-pack duracell AA batteries (with free earphones:) on sale for 5.99 plus $1 off coupon in store
walgreens 4-pack 60 watt lightbulbs 1.69 and 1.69 rebate
oral-b cross action toothbrush 4.49 with 4.49 rebate
exedrin 24 tablet box on sale 1.99
bulls-eyes candy to pacify my son while i shopped on sale 4/$5

my total was 30.93 and i go $10 off of that. i paid $20.93 and will get 6.18 in rebates PLUS 10% more if i get my rebates on a walgreens gift card rather than cash so i really got all of that stuff that we needed for........drumroll...........


i would have paid way more than that just for the diapers alone! i am so excited i can't wait to do this again!!!


darbishar said...

Look at you! That is one impressive total.

Anonymous said...

I am shocked anyone can get exedrin at that price! That's like the wonder "drug" formy headaches.