Friday, May 2, 2008

i get it now

i finally experienced ikea for myself today and i must say...i get it now. i get the excitement, the driving hours to purchase something there,the almost cult following it has acquired.

i will be back.


Jeana said...

Now you are one of us. :) I TOTALLY need to go to Ikea soon. For cheap batteries and lightbulbs. And lingonberry juice...can't forget the lingonberry juice.

kristal said...

the first thing i bought was your blog-recommended 2-pack cheese out will not be a whole bar soon:)

when you go, don't let your boys taste the mini-car candies they sell downstairs...unless you want to expose them to addiction already.

Jeana said...

Oh, I LOVE that grater! Let me know how the laundry soap works for you. I will never go back to store bought laundry soap. We should hang out again soon now that the weather is nice. How about a park date?