Wednesday, May 21, 2008

frugal, convenient, yum!

as i mentioned before, i'm really honing my frugality and eco-conscious skills. i'll tell you more why later, but before i wax eloquent, i thought i'd share an idea i had and executed last night. making my own frozen cookie balls! this is much much cheaper and eco-friendly than frozen cookie dough and easier to get on the sheet when it's time to bake.

1st- make your dough
i used cookie dough mix cuz i got it on sale for $1/bag and cuz i'm trying to use up all my packaged food so i can make more of my own stuff. you can make any kind of cookie, any amount of cookie dough and any recipe you like. i made three bags that claim to make 3 doz ea.

2nd-scoop balls of dough onto a cookie sheet the beauty of this is the cookies won't expand so you can put them almost right next to each other and fill the whole pan. make sure it is a pan that will fit in your freezer. in order to make the balls i like to use a cookie scoop, but mine broke so i used my ice cream scoop
it didn't take much time at all (30 min or so) for my cookie balls to harden enough
i re-used a soup container, but you could use tupperwear, gladwear, ziploc bags, whatever will last in a freezer and you can package your cookies in any number. this way you can pull out 1-2 for a personal snack or a dozen when unexpected company comes over! you just pluck the dough ball out of the freezer, put it on a cookie sheet and bake!! i have 6 in the oven right now:)


darbishar said...

What a good idea!

lani said...

that's a great idea - i don't bake much because i rarely have time to do it all at once - that's an awesome solution.

Heather said...

That could have been the Roja and Krom division of Otis Spunkmeyer! Oh how we love our cookie dough!

Jeana said...

You're a genius! You should definitely repost this on FG when we get it up.