Thursday, May 8, 2008

free money?

i've been frequenting frugal blogs as of late and have found a lot of great ideas for making extra cash and saving money on everyday items so that money saved can be used to pay off debt (thank you, dave ramsey) and get finances in order.
i get a rush finding good deals and ways to bring in money to our family budget that are outside of the typical 9-5 . i pocketed 25 bucks today signing up for a new "paypal" type service called RevolutionMoneyExchange today. i also made $10 for the woman whose blog i found this on.
(not a bad deal for 2 minutes of my time:) if you're interested click on the link at the top right of my blog before may 15th.
i now need to log into my ebay account to try and sell some stuff i found lying around and add to our "pay down debt" fund. financial freedom!

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