Sunday, May 4, 2008

fabulous four

I've been tagged by kristal...

(i must confess i've secretly always wanted to be thanks, kristal!)

Four jobs I've had:
1) splash family water park (went out-of-business)
2) cookie connoisseur (went out-of-business)
3) admissions counselor at mbc (still in business)
4) after school reading teacher (school was closed down for not meeting standards for 3 years in a row)

Four movies I've watched more than once:
1) anne of green gables
2) the little mermaid
3) les miserables
4) smoke signals

Four places I've lived:
1) grand rapids, michigan
2) portland, oregon
3) bakersfield, california
4) west linn, oregon

Four TV shows I watch:
1) so you think you can dance (new season premiering this month....yey!!!)
2) cold case
3) john and kate plus eight
4) law and order: ci (only the episodes with vincent d’nofrio)

Four places I've been:
1) mexico
2) jamaica
3) niagra falls
4) all the states between michigan and florida

Four people who email me regularly:
1) my bff-heather
2) my boss
3) sonny
4) redbox-to tell me what movies I’ve rented and returned

Four of my favorite foods:
1) Indian food
2) chocoloate chip cookies
3) mcdonlad’s cheeseburgers
4) my mom’s “chicken ‘n goop”

Four places I would love to visit:
1) prince edward’s island
2) israel (only if sonny is my tour guide)
3) africa
4) alaska (with my dad)

Four things I'm looking forward to in the coming year:
1) new beginnings
2) seeing my ari start kindergarten (dreading it more than looking forward to it)
3) family visits
4) growing in grace and truth

Four friends I'm tagging:
1) heather (doesn’t have a blog yet, but will soon, right, heather?)
2) kacey
3) lani
4) you! (if you haven’t been tagged and you’re reading this…tag, you’re it!)

1 comment:

lani said...

ok, i'm dying of curiosity.
what on earth is "chicken 'n goop"???

(i'm mostly curious about the goop part - i think i get the chicken part.)