Friday, May 23, 2008

anything you can do, i can do better

i was warned several days ago by one of the new moms who spends time at the play boutique that ari had asked her a lot of questions about her newborn and also about nursing. she told me she was honest with him and tried to encourage him to ask me any further questions. i thanked her and haven't heard anything more about it.....until today:)

ari and another 5-year-old boy were playing in class today as they do every day, but today they each had a baby doll. this is unusual as their favorite past time is shooting, stabbing, bombing, and generally maiming imaginary bad guys. i was encouraged by their tender care to these babies. as the day wore on i started hearing things about feeding the babies. the boys were holding the dolls to their chest and discussing this for a few moments until ari finally erupted with "my nipples are making more milk than your nipples!"

even breast-feeding is a competition to boys.


darbishar said...

That is awesome! LOL

Jeana said...

Love it!

Jo said...

The funny thing is, I thought that was an abstract picture you put on this post. Then as I read, I tried to figure out if it was something related to breastfeeding... After the last line, the picture was clear as day!