Monday, April 21, 2008

"Well Done"

it isn't often that i use cliches as they are so....cliche. but, today i make an exception for an exceptional woman. Susan DeVora Perez was celebrated and her earthly body was buried today. Susan was born second of ten children in poverty in bakersfield, california. she knew pain well beyond her young years when she came to Christ. she came to him and never looked back. after completing her studies at Latin American Bible Institute with her husband Victor they embarked on the next three decades of faithful service. not the kind of service that takes place in a church building or a para church organization, although plenty of that went on as well. the ministry i'm most changed by is the one that took place in their little home (with more additions and room partitions that can be counted to accommodate all those they took in). they became "mom and dad" to literally hundreds of foster children "officially" and so many more "unofficially". my husband, susan's nephew, was one of those children. they took in addicts, homeless people, alcoholics, ex-cons, and anyone "undesirable" to the society around them. they walked into the Perez home and felt not only desired, but loved, cared for, fed with physical food and nourished with spiritual food as well. they were crowded, inconvenienced, unappreciated, irritated, and taken advantage of. they pressed on in the name of the One who saved them and their door was always open. susan literally poured out her life as is described of Christ. she is now in her glorious body with no more pain, no more heartache, and as Sonny said...."a big, fat, well-done".

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