Tuesday, April 29, 2008


i have seen these necklaces on several women and thought they were SO cute! not only are they attractive and unique...they actually commemorate most special people in your life. you can get them to read with any name or sentiment and then with a picture stamp or a date (birth date, anniversary, death, etc).

i have always loved the theme of remembrance in God's word. he commands his children over and over to "remember", to set up stones at places of significance so that when their children asked why the stones were there they would be prompted to pass on the heritage and stories of God's faithfulness to the next generation and remember themselves what God has done and in turn who he is. all of the things he did in old testament times, new testament times, and during the church age, even last week, whether in your life or another's proves who he is for you today and will be in the future. he doesn't change so you can count on the character he showed for abraham to be the character that he will show for you.

remember your own story. think of it, tell it, revel in it often. i have tried to think of different ways to "set up stones" in my own life (scrapbooks, journals, home movies, traditions) and thought these pieces of jewelry were a great way to do that. i know the tatoo issue is one of controversy so here is a "removable" way to wear on your body the things God has done.

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