Tuesday, April 8, 2008

"moral failure"

In the past 18 months I have been audience to the “moral failure” speech by six influential and dear men in my life. Not one, or two…which would be a lot…but SIX. How can this be? These are men I deeply respect, have been in their homes and their lives and know they love God. They have shaped how I think of him and now they have devastated me. They have lost position, influence, careers, families, and more. When I saw the Elliot Spitzer case or insert the name of any of the many politicians and leaders caught in “compromising” positions, it didn’t have nearly the same effect as the other six times I’ve heard this news over the past year and a half. Spitzer didn’t invest in my life. Spitzer didn’t inspire me to love God more and live my life in a way that is radically different because of it. I’m slightly disappointed by his behavior as a leader in our country and I grieve for his family, but beyond that, it’s none of my business. With these before mentioned men, it WAS my business. How do I handle this? How does the church handle it? These were all prominent people with positions in the church. God’s greatest agenda, to my understanding from His word and actions, is reconciliation. Shouldn’t this then be my first priority? How do I go about this with someone who has been removed from the church because of his actions? How do other members of the church do it? The pain these men have inflicted is deep and widespread. Oh may we never think sin affects just us. Just the person we have sinned against. Just our immediate family. The wave of impact is great and wide reaching. All who it crashes on will never fully recover in this life even after the Lord’s healing.

I did get to process this with two of the most dearly beloved people in our life. I walked away with hope and with encouragement. Stay tuned…

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