Thursday, April 17, 2008

marriage is work?

You've heard of the unity candle and jumping the broom , but maybe not this wedding tradition...

"Nothing like a little hard labor to get a marriage off on the right foot. The Italian custom of sawhorsing holds that neighbors must set up a log, sawhorse, and double-handled saw for newlyweds, who halve the log together. The thicker the log and duller the saw the better; the arduousness of sawhorsing symbolizes the equally mundane tasks a couple will have to endure together throughout their married life."
Scatterbrained by Ransom Riggs, Will Hickman, and Hank Green

would divorce rates go down if this was a part of the american wedding ceremony? wait, no, it would probably mess up the bride's hair.

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lani said...

that is seriously awesome. i wish we'd known about that tradition ... though they probably wouldn't have allowed that much sawdust in our church!