Thursday, April 24, 2008

letting it all hang out

i haven't purchased a swim suit in ten years. i only did it then because i had to for my job (no-not sports illustrated; i was a junior high youth group intern for the summer...lots of beach trips and water park events). tonight i actually took home the suit you see here. i haven't tried it on yet, but it is in my posession.

i bought it during a moment when i was convinced it was more important to be with my children this summer (in the pool, not on the side) then to hide whatever i may be embarrassed of. of course i am not believing any such nonsense right now, but maybe by the time it heats up i'll think it once again.

of course, first i have to try the thing on....

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Shaun & Kristal Sawyer said...

Looks cute! I too have yet to buy a bathing suit for summer...and I'm not looking forward to seeing myself in the fitting room mirror...oh, I'm depressed just thinking about it!