Thursday, April 10, 2008

how then shall i live?

in light of what tamara said to me that night (see yesterday's post) i was challenged even more on the fidelity and health of my marriage and family. i have always known these were of utmost importance and have been very active in propagating that view, but in that very intense and emotional moment with tamara and being so freshly wounded by others missteps i was deeply moved. i don't want to simply "not divorce" or "not have an affair". i want to FIGHT for my marriage. i know the picture above this blog may seem a bit extreme, but i think it captures the attitude i need to have perfectly. anything, anything, that is a potential threat to my marriage must be hacked to shreds and this must happen long before the thing has time to grow or have a serious hold. any person, any activity, any ministry, any hobby, any material thing that stands between my husband and i needs to be annihilated. it just is not worth it. my children are worth this fight and if i lose they are are the true victims. not to mention all the hundreds of people in our circle of relationship who would be deeply effected.

if i seem extreme, take a moment to think on the stakes. what is in play here. it is worth nothing less than war.

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Jeana said...

Amen. Thank you for sharing this.