Saturday, April 12, 2008

future mrs. varela

sonny: (kristal enters the car) "so ari was just telling me about his wife..."
kristal: "oh, really?"
ari: "yeah, she might have short hair like you, or maybe long hair"
kristal: "mmm..."
sonny: "what color eyes will she have?"
ari: "like mom's"
sonny: "how tall will she be?"
ari: "as tall as mom"
sonny: "will she be fat or skinny?" (don't worry...i'll talk to sonny about this question later)
ari: "just like mom" (good answer, son!)
"actually, mom-i can't think of any girls like that so could you just come live in my house and be my family?"
sonny: "what would i do, buddy?"
ari: "you could find a new family...i would help you....i could call some people on my iphone and then they could come live with you"


Schmoha said...

Pookin' hi-larious!

jeremy said...

that's hilarious.

Jeana said...

He is a wise boy to look for a wife like Kristal!