Monday, April 28, 2008

ever played for rice?

Help end world hunger
i know this has been around a while, but for those of you who managed to miss it...this is fun! i tried it, and got hooked. it also looks really legit. the site takes the money from the advertising you expose yourself to on the bottom of the screen while playing and improving your vocabulary and then buys rice for people who are, huh? let me know how you do:)


Christine said...

Hey chic! Thanks for delurking on my blog.

We have just started the process of adopting from the foster care system of OK. We haven't yet done foster care here. We did so in Texas for two years, before moving.

I would find out if OK allows private agencies to facilitate foster homes. That's what we did in Texas (in fact, they are moving to where ALL foster care homes will be privately trained and managed through agencies). It certainly has a lot of benefits, seeing how the state systems are so far stretched.

Good luck! If you're ever headed up 35 to Kansas, give me a ring-a-ding!!

PDXDr said...
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lani said...

i am officially addicted to this site! i'm such a word game junkie - thanks for sharing it!