Friday, April 18, 2008

dad keeps his cool

so you're 18, just got your learner's permit, you're leaving the mini-mall and dad says "hey, wanna give the car a spin?" you excitedly catch the keys he tosses you and hop in the driver's seat. ready to prove yourself you put the car in reverse and confidently step on the gas. instead of backing out smoothly you find yourself (and your dad and his suburban) catapulted into the baskin robbins in front of you...right through the glass of the store window. as you stare at the signs for brownie sundaes and cappuccino shakes now plastered to the front window of the vehicle, what do you suppose may come out of your father's mouth at this moment?

"wanna get some ice cream, son?"

what an incredible choice that dad made. he chose to give life, to communicate value and significance to his child. he fought the temptation to berate and lament the cost, inconvenience and sheer stupidity of his son's actions. he chose grace and i know his son will never be the same because of it.

the story in the vancouver sun

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