Wednesday, March 19, 2008

supersize my child

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july 24th 2006
bakersfield, ca

so i took my two boys to the golden arches saturday night to get out of the house (sonny departed earlier that day for high school camp). i usually get ari some a la carte items, but i splurged and got a kids meal so he could share the fries with baby. i came to the table with our tray and as i set it down ari asked me "what's that mama?" i responded with "it's a happy meal" (o.k. that name is just wrong...but that's for another blog). he looked up at me and proceeded to sing "ba-da-da-du-dah...i'm wuvvin' it"

i'm such a terrible mother. television and fast food ruled that moment and i was the loser.

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jeremy said...

my biggest struggle in the past year has been with commercialism and consumerism. i am so sick of being seen as nothing but a target market. i am a person who has a mind that works, and i am not seen that way.

unfortunately, there seems to be no way to avoid brand names and advertising short of moving to a cabin in the woods.

the biggest target for places like mcdonalds is kids (read fast food nation if you haven't). the ad agencies know that kids are blank slates and if they can get them early, they can have them for life. its so repulsive to me.

were i a parent, though, i probably would cave in and just let my kids sing the mcdonalds jingle and try to win the bigger battles for my kids' mind. no, i hope i would be stronger than that.