Monday, March 10, 2008

so, noah, our very talkative 2-year-old was eating a pb and j on the way to preschool this morning (i know-i'm not supposed to be feeding breakfast to the kids while going 45 mph) and when we arrived (a half an hour later) it was still in his cheeks. i dropped the little chipmunk off, warning his teacher, and went on my way. THREE AND A HALF HOURS LATER i go in the classroom to find my son using hand signs to communicate and his lips sealed shut. he had NOT opened his mouth the ENTIRE time!

i guess that new organic peanut butter was extra sticky. next time i'll put milk in the sippy cup.


Jeana said...

That is TOO funny!

I like your template! It goes perfectly with the "voyage" theme and it even has the photo borders!

kristal said...

only YOU would notice my template coordinating with the voyage theme!! i'm so glad you did cuz that's exactly why i chose it:) i also was stoked to see the photo borders as those were a must! this is SO FUN to be blogging with an expert like you. thanks for the comments, jeana!