Friday, March 28, 2008

professional mom

i was bothered when i first saw the ads for tlc's "secret life of a soccer mom". their slogan is "what if your life could suddenly take a new direction?" with a mom holding children with an arrow pointing to the same woman in a suit and with a briefcase. the show takes a woman who has dedicated her life to staying at home with her kids and gives her a week doing the career she wanted to do.

as i said, this premise was enough to disturb me, but then as i waited for another show to begin one night i caught the very last scene of one of the "soccer mom" episodes. what i saw made me mourn. after the mom has lived her "dream job" for a week, the place makes her a full-time offer. in front of her husband. and her kids. they make her choose right there on national tv. the episode i viewed the family was all happy and the mom said yes and she was whisked away to work as a fashion designer while her kids and husband stayed home.

all i could picture was those same joyful kids coming home to an empty house, seeing a frazzled mother, and fighting parents when they did see them and a lowering of them as priority in that house. i know there are strong opinions about working mothers and i don't pretend to know every situation or all the answers. all i know is kids need to be valued. they are the ones needed to be cared for. my needs, wants, and desires are put on hold (not shut off) for a time to serve those lives that are being shaped in such a lasting way.

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Jo said...

AMEN sister!